Wednesday, November 14, 2012


1.what did you learn in this week in Japanese class?]
this week i learned how to create a photo story using microsoft word! 
2.most fun things you did in this week in Japanese class
this week the most fun i had was going over what i had written in japanese and attempting to say it correctly so that a japanese student would be able to understand me. 
3.what is your great success in this week in Japanese class
for the first time in a long time, i didn't have to look up every word to remember what it meant!
4.what is your great challenge in this week in Japanese class
my greatest challenge was to correctly say things in japanese. my accent is awful :( 
5.what do you want do in order to overcome #4?
i want to go to japan someday and hear how to properly say the words!

 1. Do you like this Photo story project?
i really enjoyed the photo story project!!
  2. Why? Why not?
i liked the photo story project because i was able to hear how the words that we were learning would be used in the japanese culture. i also was able to pick up some mistakes that i have been making with certain words and i was able to hear how grammar we have been learning is very important to japanese conversation! 
  3. What aspects of this project will help you improve what kinds of your skills?
I believe the most important lesson this project taught me is to not take advantage of grammar. while it may seem mundane to learn, it is very important to the japanese conversation. i take advantage of the grammatical system due to the fact that it has come natrually to me to remember that certain forms come with certain endings. what has not come natrually to me is how you use these forms in a sentence, and i believe that this project has helped me a lot with doing that!
  4. Compare with paper test and this Photo story project
         What is differences? Learn more? Learn less? Vocabulary amounts? sustain your memory better?
a photo story makes it easier for me to learn more vocabulary and to learn how to keep certain words in my head better. a reason so many people say the best way to learn a language is to submerge yourself into that culture is because once you hear it a lot, years of learning grammar seem like a waste. i like speaking in japanese due to the fact that it makes me learn more terms and it helps me remember what it is i'm saying. it would be silly if i just said "watashi wa lacey" and had no idea what it meant! but by saying it over and over, it has made me remember that "watashi wa lacey" means "i am lacey" :) a paper test, however, makes it difficult to remember vocabulary because i am not good at memorizing things from paper. it takes someone saying a word over and over for me to fully understand what it means :)