Sunday, September 30, 2012

week 4

This week in Japanese class I learned that even if you think you're going to die of being sick, it's better if you go to class anyways because there is a LOT that we can learn in just one day! When I came back on Friday and was feeling better, i learned not only "ru" "u" and irregular verbs, but i also learned how to put them into sentences past & present form. than we took this knowledge and applied it on how to use "te" form!

I think the funnest thing we did in japanese class this week was learn the song that comes along with learning the "te" form for "u" verbs!!

The greatest success for me this week was being able to pick up quicker than i thought on these new forms and being able to apply them to the work we are doing. My greatest challenge will be to remember all of these things when the test comes, and hopefully remembering how to do the hiragana the correct way!

i will try my best to get help from my japanese friends when it comes to these issues, and hopefully will be able to do better on the next test!
1.what did you learn in this week in Japanese class?
2.most fun things you did in this week in Japanese class
3.what is your great success in this week in Japanese class
4.what is your great challenge in this week in Japanese class
5.what do you want do in order to overcome #4?